Watermelon Rind Viagra Effect

According to Texas based researchers, consuming a large portion of watermelon rind can have effects on the body similar to that of taking Viagra. Apparently watermelon rind contains a unique ingredient referred as citrulline, which is known to trigger the creation a chemical within the body that helps relax the blood vessels. This process is very similar to how Viagra works when consumed.
Citrulline can be found throughout the pink flesh of the watermelon, but seems to be heavily concentrated within the white rind of the melon. When citrulline enters the blood stream it reacts to the body's own natural enzymes, which are then transformed into an amino acid called arginine. This amino acid is healthy for the heart, circulatory system, and the body's overall immunity. However to have this effect happen within the body, a very large amount of watermelon rind must be consumed.
What arginine does specifically is it raises nitric oxide levels in the body, and this in turn relaxes the blood vessels. When this happen, it provides a temporary cure to anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction, which is the same effect Viagra has, only this is more natural. Some research suggests that large consumption of watermelon and watermelon rind over time could even go so far as to prevent erectile dysfunction, however this is purely speculation at the moment.
One anonymous research who commented on the subject, was explicit in stating that anyone consuming large amounts of watermelon rind strictly to achieve this Viagra effect, shouldn't expect the same results as would be generated by taking Viagra. In other words it should not be seen as a substitute for actual medical treatment. If you have heart problems, you'll obviously want to consult with your doctor before consuming a large portion of the melon.
In additional to helping with erectile dysfunction, higher levels of nitric acid in the blood can help alleviate the symptoms of angina or high blood pressure. The US Department of Agriculture confirmed these findings, although continued research is needed to ascertain how much consumption is needed to provide these health benefits, and what level marks over consumption.
With regard to the ratio of citrulline within the pink flesh of the watermelon as compared to the watermelon rind, there is about sixty percent more contained in the rind. The watermelon rind has long been known to store far more minerals and essentials nutrients, as opposed to what can be found in the sweet pink portion of the melon. Scientists are actually studying the issue as we speak, to possibly pave the way for growing watermelon with increased nutrient and citrulline levels in the future.
If you are really interested in trying this experiment to see if it works, researches say to pick a species of watermelon with yellow flesh as opposed to the pink variety. The more yellow the flesh, the higher the level of citrulline the fruit will contain. As of today researchers have concluded that about six full cups of yellow watermelon flesh and rind will produce a Viagra like effect, though obviously results may vary.